Friday, March 22


7:00 PM             Dinner at La Morra Ristoranti Bacari (Brookline Village)


Saturday, March 23


9:30 AM             Breakfast served


10:00 AM          Session 1:  “Posterior Analytics I 33: what is understood and what is believed

Author: Benjamin Morison (Princeton), 

Commentator: Joel Yurdin (Haverford)

Chair: Gregory Salmieri


12:00 PM          Lunch served


1:00 PM            Session 2: “In Search of Aristotelian Epistemology: Justification and the Varieties of Knowledge

Author: Gregory Salmieri (Boston University)

Commentator: Don Morrison (Rice)

Chair: Patrick Byrne


3:00 PM             Coffee Break


3:30 PM            Session 3: “Aristotle’s dialectic through the optic of the Rhetoric” [Handout]

Author: James Allen

Commentator: Robin Smith

Chair: Aryeh Kosman


7:00 PM            Dinner at Petit Robert Bistro (Boston, Kenmore Square)



Sunday, March 24


9:30 AM Breakfast served


10:00 AM          Session 4:  “Right Reason and Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean

Author: Mary Louise Gill (Brown)

Commentator: Rusty Jones (Harvard University)

Chair: Amelie Rorty


All sessions will be held in the Aquarium Room of the Hyatt Regency Cambridge